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Johnny Angel Time Busbars Boy Loves Boy

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Johnny Angel

On Space Station Quark, it’s Johnny’s first morning back with William who prefers to sleep in. Returning to the swimming pool change room, Johnny meets not Frank, the ghost but another lost friend, Robbie returning to his room. William is still asleep. At Robby’s abode, Johnny is talked is talked into a bath tub and is the victim of Frank’s sense of humour, leaving Johnny shocked before Frank is gone. Robbie is in crisis, contemplating suicide. Frank has another victim, a year before while showing off, Frank drowns, yet the bonds of life refuse to let him go. Already caste off by his parents because of his affairs with other boys, Robbie is approached by a scientific paper on Time Busbars and developed two Busbars, placing one on Johnny’s wrist, he must find Frank to be released.

‘Life is like that, when the one you have sought is gone and you have given up on him, he finds you. I’m now torn between love for two boys. I’ve given my word to William and that makes it three. The question is how good a character I have; I don’t have a character, I only have wants.’

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