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Johnny Angel Green Alien Boy Loves Boy

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This is the sixth book in the series, the first being JOHNNY ANGEL SPACE STATION QUARK, the second BEING JOHNNY ANGEL TIME BIT ELEMENT BOY LOVES BOY, the being JOHNNY ANGEL SEA OF PROSPERITY BOY LOVES BOY, the forth being JOHNNY ANGEL BOOK OF NUMERS, the fifth being JOHNNY ANGEL PLANET SONST BOY LOVES BOY. All books deal with a boy loves boy backdrop to highly imaginative science fiction. Johnny Angel

When Johnny wakes, William is gone but the nine boys are still there but before he could question t them, they disappear. Help is at hand, Domina, a green alien boy to a twin world of Anama and a class of green boy alien mathematical class which Johnny uses to locate William being held by a group of mermaid girls with legs, mermaids who have no intention of releasing William.

Mathew Someway

Mathew is lured to a anchored luxury boat by Myles, a boy he met on the beach, there he learns how the wealthy live, think and love, something that he finds alluring, finding the rich have problems and ambitions unique to their class. At first he is fascinated by the casual wealth but soon discovers wealth and class demand a hard price.

Christopher Cross

Still on the island of Sky, Chris is still confused about his feelings for Jules. While searching for a lost boy in the jungle they are saved from a rogue elephant by Frank Black, a professional hunter who is on the trail of such beasts, his main concern is the apes who seek out any lost an unwary humans, especially boys and the lost boy’s fate may already be caste, only the skill of Myles and the hunter find the lost boy before it is too late.

Simon Sevenson

Simon once again takes Tuesday’s hand and is instantly outside a great school with a thirteen year old boy; Alfred Pointers, Mad Day is the teacher. This is a class long lost, with no explanation to their fate. It is up to Simon and Tuesday to find the key to whatever has locked them in a repeating time loop and to escape themselves.

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