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Johnny Angel N Time Boy Loves Boy

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This is the 13th book in the series, all deal with boy loves boy theme in highly imaginative background.

Johnny Angel

The only way Johnny can leave his friend Kieran is to allow the boy to sell him and with this in mind they take off, landing in a giant gold and silver tower city. In the city a group of ten boys insist he landed alone and Kieran was only a figment of his imagination. To complicate matters even worse, a girl who visits him insists the whole city population was the result of a genetic experiment to control time.

Mathew Someway

Still with Mimi, his boyfriend, when Mathew insists he wants to return to his adoptive parents he is told they are in N time, in essence he is still on his bedroom balcony. Even as they talking a fairy appears. Mimi and the class are gone and so is the classroom. At the jungle waterfall, Mathew is shown how to fly at lightning speed. The fairy who calls himself Mimi as well appears, his pointed lips and tongue makes him stand out.

Christopher Cross

At Oxford school Chris is woken by Oliver who wants to find the ten damned children. While searching the nearby woods, they fall into a hole to an underground river and barely survive. Exhausted they wake up to find they have age regressed to thirteen. Chris finds Olive has been forced into an Joan who has her own ship command.

Simon Sevenson

Back at the pool with Theodore, a student from the local school, they decide to return to the space station. Simon is back in Luke’s class which after singing ‘till we meet again’, they disappear. Drugged, Simon wakes up with a robot boy named Lon, whose hobby was jumping from planet to planet. Lon was known by local folklore as a fairy, it was he who Theodore found in the pool and when Mr P a Walsh parrot tells Simon it was he who had found him.

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