Bridget Asher

Bridget Asher

Things you should know about BridgetBridget Asher is a high-powered neurotic with an anxious heart that sometimes kicks up unexpectedly like a lawnmower motor in her chest. And because she's looked at the bios and author photos of a large number of other authors, she believes that she needs to attach a warning label or an advisory report or an apologia of some sort because...1. She does not have an authentically dingy T-shirt a la Colson Whitehead.2. She does not have teeth as grand and white and straight as Lolly Winston.3. She cannot pull off funky striped leggings for an author photo like Myla Goldberg nor has she been able to pose with a pet bear on a leash like Gary Shteyngart. (In general, she balks at stunts with animals.)On the positive:1. Her name is easier to pronounce than Gary Shteyngart.2. She can buy the leggings and hope for the best!3. She is not opposed to cosmetic dentistry -- as an art form.And now she feels much better and can move onto her actual bio: In some ways, Bridget Asher is much like her heroine Lucy. She has fallen in love with loveable cheats. She has adored the wrong men for all the right reasons. She's as guilty as anyone. And, yes, like Lucy, her mistakes have made her who she is, and she's someone she's become fond of - except when she gets flustered ordering elaborate side dishes in sushi restaurants, in which case, she's overbearing.She wanted to write a novel that, at its heart, focused on loving those we love for reasons we can't always fully rationalize; about friendships between women running deep; about dealing with compulsive mothers in velour sweat suits; about sweet liars and tenderhearted cheaters; about forgiveness of sorts, absolution and acceptance in the form of honesty and love.Asher lives in Florida where she hopes she is being partially preserved by air conditioning and is married to a lovable, sweet man who has given her no reason to inquire about his former sweethearts (but, still, she's agonizingly curious). They have multiple children who are high-strung like their mother and sweet like their father.That's the short bio. There's more, of course. There's much more. But she hopes this serves as some explanation for herself.
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