3 Great Thrillers, Eric Van Lustbader, John Locke, Alex Churton
Eric Van Lustbader,John Locke,Alex Churton

3 Great Thrillers

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Three terrific thrillers in one volume.
LETHAL PEOPLE: Would you let your child die if your family were threatened?
When the government wants someone to disappear without a trace, they put in a call to Donovan Creed. Creed is a man of many identities, a ruthless assassin with access to all the technology that the military can offer. You don't want to take on Creed. But then again, most don't even see him coming.
FIRST DAUGHTER: The first book in the Jack McClure series from Eric Van Lustbader, the author of Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne series.
THE BABYLON GENE: Forget everything you think you know. Here is the mother of all conspiracy thrillers, a secret that was written in blood at the dawn of history…
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