The Privileged and the Damned, Kimberly Lang
Kimberly Lang

The Privileged and the Damned

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{"strong"=>["When wealth, power and politics cross paths with the criminal underworld… "]}
Ethan Marshall, grandson of a former senator, is handsome and charming — and he’s lusting after Lily Black! Working for the Marshalls as a stable manager, Lily has the ideal job for the first time in her life — she loves working with the horses on the beautiful Marshall estate.
Whilst Lily’s attentions are soon drawn to the very fine Ethan, her past holds dark and criminal secrets…which could bring the Marshall family to its knees. The gorgeous playboy is determined to win her affections, but should Lily do the right thing by her family, or the right thing by the Marshalls?
{"em"=>["When Dynasty meets Dirty Sexy Money — these men are rich, ruthless & irresistibly bad…"]}
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