Doors, Ed McBain
Ed McBain


Alex Hardy is the finest thief in New York City. A crib burglar, he robs apartments—never hotels, never offices, never liquor stores, never jewelers. Strictly apartments, and strictly during the day. He's paranoid, ready to cut and run as soon as a job turns sour—he's already been to prison once, and he doesn't plan on getting caught again—but he's about to get the offer of a lifetime, the big make he's always been looking for. How can he say no? This could set him up for life—but it could also send him back to Sing Sing for good. The stake revolves around Daisy, a one-legged hooker who spends Thursday afternoons at the home of a Westchester millionaire. It would be simple if Alex wasn't increasingly distracted by Jessica, his square neighbor who has no idea he's a burglar and seems to like him. Between these two very different women lies the biggest opportunity of Alex's life. Will he get his hands on it before the alarms start to sound? A heist story in the tradition of Lawrence Block or Donald E. Westlake, Doors is a brilliantly detailed story of how to steal—and why—from legendary Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Ed McBain.
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