A Joosr Guide to Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

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More and more people are dying in nursing homes and hospitals, often alone and miserable. But there is a better way. Find out about the alternative choices you can make about your medical care to give you more comfort and control at the end of your life.

In Being Mortal Dr. Atul Gawande's discusses the struggle with mental and physical deterioration that most people experience as the end of their life draws near. We are often persuaded to make health care decisions that will prolong our lives as long as possible, without considering the amount of suffering that we might experience in the process. Dr. Gawande promotes his idea of a better way, in which we trade off a little bit more time for a much better quality of life until the end.

You will learn:

· How to stop unnecessary suffering in the healthcare system

· Why assisted living facilities are the best option for more freedom and a better quality of life

· How you can take control of the rest of your life with health decisions that will promote the most comfort until the very end.
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    munetadeelde een impressie3 jaar geleden

    Excellent book. Everyone should read the book (or this summary) to understand what it is like to be an elderly person.

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