Marguerite Duras

Destroy, She Said

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In this classic novel by the bestselling author of The Lover, erotic intrigue masks a chillingly deceptive form of madness.
Elisabeth Alione is convalescing in a hotel in rural France when she meets two men and another woman. The sophisticated dalliance among the four serves to obscure an underlying violence, which, when the curtain of civilization is drawn aside, reveals in her fellow guests a very contemporary, perhaps even new, form of insanity.
Like many of Marguerite Duras’s novels, Destroy, She Said owes much to cinema, displaying a skillful interplay of dialogue and description. There are recurring moods and motifs from the Duras repertoire: eroticism, lassitude, stifled desire, a beautiful woman, a mysterious forest, a desolate provincial hotel.
Included in this volume is an in-depth interview with Duras by Jacques Rivette and Jean Narboni.
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    She belongs to whoever wants her. She feels whatever they feel. Yes
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    “What could have come of it?”
    Stein doesn't answer.
    “Desire?” Max Thor asks. “And erosion by desire?”
    “Yes. By your desire.”
    “Or death by Alissa,” Stein says
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    Is it very different?” he asks.
    “There's nothing left,” Max Thor says. “So I don't say anything. The students go to sleep

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    Marguerite Duras
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