Mistletoe Over Manhattan, Barbara Daly
Barbara Daly

Mistletoe Over Manhattan

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Rule #1: Stick to plain black in cold weather
Chicago lawyer Mallory Trent has always followed her mother's rules for being practical. But that won't attract attorney Carter Compton, the gorgeous package she'd love to unwrap this Christmas!
Rule #2: When you travel, don't leave any dirty laundry behind
When they're sent to Manhattan for a case, Mallory wishes she'd left all her sensible clothes behind. While Carter discusses legal briefs, she fantasizes about “debriefing” him–out of his boxers! So she calls ImageMakers, which promises “a new you.”
Rule #3: Never lose control
Sporting a sexy red suit and a new attitude, Mallory corners the surprised lawyer under the mistletoe. His hard evidence proves that losing control may not be sensible, but when was sensible ever exciting?
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