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Maya Banks


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FOUND is the sexy popular first installment in the SENSE & SENSUALITY series, which chronicles the exciting journey of one woman’s sexual adventures and exploration after a life-changing event.

After her significant other betrays her, Elinor Jones decides to stop reinforcing her sensible side and start encouraging her long ignored sensual side. With an excitement and anticipation she hasn’t felt in years, she sets out to prove that she is open to expanding her sexual boundaries and experiencing sex like she never has before. For the next two weeks of her life, she vows to put away the word “no” and say “yes” to any sexual situation that comes her way, no matter how hot or risqué. The one thing Elinor absolutely doesn’t expect is to fall in love. However, after sex with a mysterious stranger named Quinn she finds that she may do just that.

Skillfully written from the point of view of Elinor and the male hero of the story, Quinn. Readers will enjoy this exciting erotic romp between two likable sexy characters.

Maya A. Banks has also written on the topic of sex and relationships for Elle, Latina, Alegria and Cosmopolitan magazines.

Warning: This book contains graphic sex, erotica, and romance without violence or misogyny.

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