Infinite Powers of Adam Gowers, Brandon Robshaw
Brandon Robshaw

Infinite Powers of Adam Gowers

Adam Gowers has problems. He is desperately in love with a girl who doesn’t fancy him in the slightest; he’s gone and got himself booked in for a fight with the hardest kid in the school; he’s worried about failing all his GCSEs; his parents can barely stand the sight of each other. And then one day he is granted an infinite number of wishes by a genie who conveniently pops out of a lamp. Infinite! An infinite number of wishes! Effectively he has become a god. Except that he doesn’t really have the skill-set to go with the god-like powers…
The Infinite Powers of Adam Gowers is as funny as The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole; as full of ideas as The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy; and as sweet and easy to read as Nick Hornby’s Slam.
These days, all YA novels are ‘edgy’. Either they’re bleak slabs of social realism or dystopian visions of the future. The Infinite Powers of Adam Gowers is that rare thing: a teenage novel that makes you laugh rather than wince.
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