She Appears, Sandy Boucher
Sandy Boucher

She Appears

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Referred to as the ';Celestial Bodhisattva of Compassion,' the Asian Goddess Kwan Yin manifests herself to those in need around the world in myriad forms. Sometimes encountered in the peacefulness of nature, other times seen as a benevolent caregiver, Kwan Yin is vast, yet readily accessible to each and every one of us whether we are experiencing our darkest moment or realizing a rare twinkling of transcendence. Throughout this book, powerful encounters with Kwan Yin are described in essays, poems, stories, and art work. With each page turned, you will find yourself recognizing how Kwan Yin's wise, compassionate energy has been impacting you all alongand you will be inspired to further look for her in places you have previously discounted, including your own nature.
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