Fräulein Else, Arthur Schnitzler
Arthur Schnitzler

Fräulein Else

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While staying with her aunt at a fashionable spa, Else receives an unexpected telegram from her mother, begging her to save her father from debtor's jail. The only way out, it seems, is to approach an elderly acquaintance in order to borrow money from him. Through this telegram, Else is forced into the reality of a world entirely at odds with her romantic imagination – with horrific consequences.
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hat was quite a good exit. I hope those two don’t think I’m jealous… I’ll swear there’s something between Cousin Paul and Cissy Mohr. Nothing in the world troubles me less… Now I’ll turn round again and wave to them. Wave and smile. Do I look gracious now? Oh Lord, they’re playing again. I really play better than Cissy Mohr, and Paul isn’t exactly a champion, but he looks nice with his open collar and that naughty boy face. If only he weren’t so affected. You needn’t worry, Aunt Emma …

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