The Shadow King, Sidra Stone
Sidra Stone

The Shadow King

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Many of us have worked to free ourselves from the rigid patriarchal values that have dominated our culture for so long. Dr. Sidra Stone helps us to take the next step by making us aware of the Inner Patriarch—the voice within each of us that echoes those values. This inner voice is called the Shadow King because he is invisible and works from the shadows to sabotage even the most liberated women. This books shows us how to transform our Inner Patriarch from an unseen enemy to a powerful ally so that we can claim our full feminine power.
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Within each of us lives an Inner Patriarch that continues to carry the old patriarchal rules and values, many of which may have been taught us by our mothers. This Inner Patriarch controls us from the inside, not the outside. We do not necessarily know about him because he operates beyond the edges of our awareness. He rules from the shadows of our unconscious, which is why I sometimes call him the Shadow King. When we do not know about him, this Shadow King is our enemy.
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