Coming of Age

    Garden of Eden, Larry Henry
    Tangled Roots, Marianne K. Martin
    The Mists of Simla, Balraj Khanna
    Triangle Ray, John Holman
    Kafka's Son, Curt Leviant
    Best Friends, Thomas Berger
    An Address in Amsterdam, Mary Dingee Fillmore
    The Bellman, Heidi Barnes
    Outside In, Doug Cooper
    Rose: A Modernization, F.Freeman
    The Black Velvet Coat, Jill G. Hall
    A Dangerous Woman from Nowhere, Kris Radish
    Meaty Okra, Valerie Levin
    Death of a Newspaperman, Delfin Vigil
    The Music Child and Other Stories, Alfred A. Yuson
    The Girl in the Fall-Away Dress, Michelle Richmond
    Suicide By Everest, Scott Jeffrey Thurman
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