Little Boy Blues, Mary Jane Maffini
    Speak Ill of the Dead, Mary Jane Maffini
    Blackkerchief Dick, Margery Allingham
    The Dead Don't Get Out Much, Mary Jane Maffini
    Trick or Treat, Kerry Greenwood
    Dead On Arrival, Lori Avocato
    The Last Honest Horse Thief, Michael Koryta
    Spirited Away (Book 3), Angela Campbell
    Murder, She Knit, Peggy Ehrhart
    Died in the Wool, Peggy Ehrhart
    Memories and Murder, Lynn Cahoon
    A Knit before Dying, Sadie Hartwell
    Death by G-String, C.C. Harrison
    Monsieur Pamplemousse Investigates, Michael Bond
    The Last Cut, Michael Pearce
    The Fig Tree Murder, Michael Pearce
    Click, Double-Click, James Campbell
    Zen there was Murder, H.R.F.Keating
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