Liane Moriarty

Truly Madly Guilty

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Sooooo long, that’s not the kind of mystery I like. It kept going around and around from the hidden truth.

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Отлично! Глубокая книга, заставляющая задуматься о многом

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‘Your marriage is being tested, darling, but the best comes after the worst! Forgiveness and communication is the only way through!’
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The microphone amplified and smoothed her voice, making it more authoritative, as if it had been photoshopped.
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The need to get out was suddenly overpowering. Here we go, she thought. Here we go again. Fight-or-flight response. Activation of her sympathetic nervous system. A shift in her brain chemicals. That’s what it was. Perfectly natural. Childhood trauma. She’d read all the literature. She knew exactly what was happening to her but the knowledge made no difference. Her body went right ahead and betrayed her. Her heart raced. Her hands trembled. She could smell her childhood, so thick and real in her nostrils: damp and mould and shame.

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