Geert Kloppenburg

Demetrio Scopelliti on Why Milan’s Children are Playing on the Streets Again

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“Designing public space is designing for the unexpected.” Demetrio Scopelliti (Director of Urban Planning and Public Space, city of Milan) speaks with Geert Kloppenburg and Chris Bruntlett (Dutch Cycling Embassy) about the Piazze Aperte and Strate Aperte Plan that changed the streets and squares of Milan. They talk about how introducing a ping pong table brings people together, how you (urban) plan for the unexpected and how the city of Milan built 60 kilometers of cycling track in a year.
Do you want to learn more about cycling best practices in European cities? Join us during the Celebrating Cycling Cities event on the 1 of June 2021. You can register here.
This episode is a collaboration with the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

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