Judith Cutler

The Wages of Sin

The first audio book in a brand-new Victorian mystery series featuring steward Matthew Rowsley and housekeeper Mrs. Faulkner as an engaging detective duo.
Newly appointed as land agent to the youthful Lord Croft, Matthew Rowsley finds plenty to keep him busy as he attends to his lordship's neglected country estate. But he's distracted from his tasks by the disappearance of a young housemaid. Has Maggie really eloped with a young man, as her mother attests—or is the truth rather more sinister? What's been going on behind the scenes at the grand country estate...and where has his lordship disappeared to?
Teaming up with housekeeper Mrs. Faulkner to get to the bottom of the matter, Matthew uncovers a number of disturbing secrets, scandals, and simmering tensions within the household. Something rotten is going on at Thorncroft—and it's up to Matthew and Mrs. Faulkner to unearth the truth.
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The Wages of Sin
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