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Johnny Angel Time Band Boy Loves Boy

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Johnny Angel

Using Robby’s time band, Johnny falls from some height into the sea but is picked up by a drone and wakes up naked with a 12 year old Kieran’s luxury estate, someone he has an instant romance with but it is the issue of ten other boys who appear who Kieran claims where a result of Johnny’s time band.

Mathew Someway

In a weak moment, Mathew allows himself to be controlled by Mimi, who suspects is a bandit, something Mimi has no intention of denying which causes Mathew to subconsciously imitate which challengers his identity; who he really is.

Christopher Cross

Oliver is in crisis, but before Christopher could help, he is taken back to the jungle with the damned and the hunter Frank Black as a teenage boy, it’s then Christopher discovers how this boy became a hunter, a story dark as the jungle and just as dangerous.

Simon Sevenson

The adventurous boy Tuesday is able to trigger Simon’s controller which sends Simon back to someone from his past; Theodore, a year before back in his old school, found an alien boy in the swimming pool which leads to an adventure that explains how Simon’s life has evolved.

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