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Саша Устюжанинаciteerde uit2 jaar geleden
Parker would in all likelihood have done so; he was paid to detect and do nothing else, and neither his natural gifts nor his education (at Barrow-in-Furness Grammar School) prompted him to stray into side-tracks at the beck of an ill-regulated imagination. But to Lord Peter the world presented itself as an entertaining labyrinth of side-issues. He was a respectable scholar in five or six languages, a musician of some skill and more understanding, something of an expert in toxicology, a collector of rare editions, an entertaining man-about-town, and a common sensationalist. He had been seen at half-past twelve on a Sunday morning walking in Hyde Park in a top-hat and frock-coat, reading the News of the World. His passion for the unexplored led him to hunt up obscure pamphlets in the British Museum, to unravel the emotional history of income-tax collectors, and to find out where his own drains led to
Verónica Díazciteerde uit8 maanden geleden
As I thought,” he said. “No better from this side. But nobody minds. Nobody cares. Pathetic, that's what it is.”
Verónica Díazciteerde uit8 maanden geleden
Well, if you listen, Piglet, you'll hear it.”
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