Wisdom of the Fox, Harry Turtledove
Harry Turtledove

Wisdom of the Fox

An action-packed pair of fantasy adventures from the Hugo Award–winning and New York Times–bestselling author.
Before his renown as “the standard bearer for alternate history” (USA Today),New York Times–bestselling and Hugo Award–winning author Harry Turtledove’s first published series told of the heroic exploits of Gerin the Fox as he battled dark magic in the Empire of Elabon.
Werenight: The second son of the Baron of Fox Keep, young Gerin never wanted title or responsibility, but both were thrust upon him when his father and brother were ambushed and slain by enemy Trokmê. Now the Trokmê are returning, led by a powerful new wizard, and Gerin’s only chance for victory is to find a mage who can battle the sorcerer and fight the coming of the Werenight, when men will become monsters . . .
Prince of the North: Peace has been fragile since the terrible Werenight, when the light of four moons transformed men into beasts. The people look to Gerin the Fox to stand firm against encroaching chaos and civil war. But things are about to get much worse. When an earthquake tears their land open, undoing an ancient warding spell and unleashing a legion of ravaging beasts from the dark underground, Gerin must defend his realm from an onslaught of monsters . . .
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