Fantastic Stories Presents the Worlds of If Super Pack #1

Worlds of If' was a three-time winner of the Hugo Award for best science fiction magazine. 'Worlds of If' discovered many talented writers who would go on to dominate genre fiction. Here are more than 250,000 words of some of the best stories ever published in its pages.

'The Snowbank Orbit' by Fritz Leiber
'The Victor' by Bryce Walton
'Breeder Reaction' by Winston Marks
'Turning Point' by Alfred Coppel
'Masters of Space' by Edward E. Smith & E. Everett Evans
'Cultural Exchange' by Keith Laumer
'The Lonely Ones' by Edward W. Ludwig
'The Kenzie Report' by Mark Clifton
'The Very Secret Agent' by Mari Wolf
'Irresistible Weapon' by H. B. Fyfe
'In the Garden' by R. A. Lafferty
'The Eyes Have It' by James McKimmey, Jr.
'Trees Are Where You Find Them' by Arthur Dekker Savage
'The Real Hard Sell' by William W. Stuart
'Waste Not, Want' by Dave Dryfoos
'The Last Supper' by T. D. Hamm
'Letter of the Law' by Alan E. Nourse
'Sweet Their Blood and Sticky' by Albert R. Teichner
'The Last Place on Earth' by Jim Harmon
'Quiet, Please' by Kevin Scott
'Service with a Smile' by Charles L. Fontenay
'Time Fuze' by Randall Garrett
'The Skull' by Philip K. Dick
'The Ordeal of Colonel Johns' by George H. Smith
'Incident on Route 12' by James H. Schmitz
'Brink of Madness' by Walt Sheldon
'Love Story' by Irving E. Cox, Jr.
'Navy Day' by Harry Harrison
'The Anglers of Arz' by Roger Dee 'Assassin' by J. F. Bone
'Probability' by Louis Trimble
'Sjambak' by Jack Vance
'Deadly City' by Ivar Jorgenson
'The Mightiest Man' by Patrick Fahy
'Mutineer' by Robert J. Shea
'And That’s How it Was, Officer' by Ralph Sholto
'No Shield from the Dead' by Gordon R. Dickson
'Seven-Day Terror' by R.A. Lafferty
'I'll Kill You Tomorrow' by Helen Huber
'Security Risk' by Ed M. Clinton, Jr.
'Confidence Game' by James Mckimmey, Jr.
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