Be My Knife, David Grossman
David Grossman

Be My Knife

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'We could be like two people who inject themselves with truth serum, and at long last have to tell it – the truth I want to be able to say to myself, “I bled truth with her,” yes, that's what I want. Be a knife for me, and I, I swear, will be a knife for you.' An awkward, neurotic seller of rare books writes a desperate letter to a beautiful stranger whom he sees at a class reunion. This simple, lonely attempt at seduction begins a love affair of words between Yair and Miriam, two married, middle-aged adults, dissatisfied with their lives, yearning for the connection that has always eluded them – and, eventually, reawakened to feelings that they thought had passed them by. Their correspondence unfolds into an exchange of their most naked confessions: of desire, childhood tragedies, joys, and humiliations. Through the dialogue between Yair – a family man and surprisingly successful adulterer, whose guarded letters reveal a life of duplicity – and Miriam, at first deceptively open and warm, who fills her life with distraction to avoid a past full of painful secrets, BE MY KNIFE explores the nature and the limits of intimacy.
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You don’t know me. When I write to you I don’t know myself very well, either. I tried not to write, I did, I’ve tried for two days, but now I’ve broken down

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