The Satanic Mechanic, Sally Andrew
Sally Andrew

The Satanic Mechanic

Tannie Maria, recipe writer turned crime fighter, writes the love advice and recipe column for the Klein Karoo Gazette: words of wisdom for the lovelorn, along with a recipe for something helpful and delicious. But Maria has a problem of her own. Her relationship with the rugged detective Henk Kannemeyer is still haunted by the memory of her abusive late husband, so she decides to check out a counseling group run by a man they call the Satanic Mechanic. Then a local land-rights activist is murdered—poisoned before her eyes—and Tannie Maria’s quest for healing takes a more investigative turn. Which means her relationship with Henk is about to get professional. And more important, very complicated.

There is no shortage of conundrums personal and investigative for an amateur sleuth to confront in this delightful, warm-hearted sequel to Sally Andrew’s Recipes for Love and Murder. Blending a madcap mystery with lovable characters in the beautiful setting of South Africa’s rural Klein Karoo, Sally Andrew really does have the perfect recipe for a crime series.
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HarperCollins, Ecco


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