Gormenghast – Reviews & Commentary

The Gormenghast trilogy is one of the true classics of fantastic literature. It's beautiful, clever, funny, mysterious and filled with astounding imagery and creativity.
At the same time, Gormenghast can be daunting to take on. The names are weird, the setting bizarre. The books are big, and so is their reputation. It seems like you can't be a proper literary snob without enthusing about these books. Not everyone is ready to join that cult.
The thing is, Gormenghast is really, really good. So, how to get a foot in the door? That's what this e-book is for. It's a collection of spoiler-free reviews of the three books, as well as a series of little articles that breaks the book up into bite-size sections, and provides a second opinion on what it all means – what's really going on, and why.
If you've heard of Gormenghast and wondered what the fuss was about, or wanted to read the trilogy, but been put off by its reputation, this book can get you on your way. It's like having a mini-book club that reads at your speed, and only meets when you want it to.
Keep in mind that the articles here are reader-friendly mini-essays that make no pretense of scholarly analysis. Their only goal is to share a look at the beauty of Gormenghast, and to encourage worried readers to go ahead and take the leap. So jump in!
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