Donovan Creed Foursome 1–4, John Locke
John Locke

Donovan Creed Foursome 1–4

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Four of the best: a quartet of John Locke's bestselling Donovan Creed novels in one volume.
Donovan Creed is paid to kill people. But he's not a bad guy. Sure, he's got issues. He makes mistakes. He's terrible with women. He's a pretty neglectful father. But his heart is in the right place – and occasionally, just occasionally, he'll try and do the right thing…
5. WISH LIST: Be careful what you wish for…
6. A GIRL LIKE YOU: Would you give up the woman you love if her death could save millions?
7. VEGAS MOON: What crimes would you commit to save your own life?
8. THE LOVE YOU CRAVE: Who would you turn to when you've betrayed everyone you love?
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