His Mistress Proposal, Susan Napier, Kimberly Lang, Trish Wylie
Susan Napier,Kimberly Lang,Trish Wylie

His Mistress Proposal

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{"strong"=>["Public Scandal, Private Mistress "]}
Stealing out of a Paris bedroom, leaving a sexy, dark-haired stranger asleep, sensible Veronica Bell has just experienced her first one-night stand! Then she unexpectedly meets Lucien again, he’s the stepson of her employer in the South of France! And he seems determined to seduce her back into his bed…
{"strong"=>["His Mistress, His Terms"]}
Rich, gorgeous playboy Alex Fitzgerald has his sights set on Merrow O’Connell. Initially he needs her interior design skills, but soon he decides she’s perfect mistress material! Merrow is determined to stay single — so what will she do when the billionaire playboy wants her to be more than just his mistress…?
{"strong"=>["The Secret Mistress Arrangement"]}
For gorgeous tycoon Matt Jacobs, time is money, but when he meets beautiful Ella Mackenzie, he throws away the rule book and spends the week in bed! Strong-willed Ella is shocked at herself — after a week of Matt’s lovemaking, she’s accepting an indecent proposal…
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