Be Your Own Nutritionist, George Cooper
George Cooper

Be Your Own Nutritionist

Did you know that eating sushi in the winter can be positively bad for you? Any idea why you need to eat a different lunch when it starts to rain? Or why steak is more nutritious than a salad? Forget everything you thought you knew about healthy eating. This book offers an exciting new take on nutrition – showing how climate, the season, our environment and emotional wellbeing should all affect the way we eat. Combining age-old traditions of healthy eating (did you know that the Victorians had the best diet of any Britons before or since?) with the latest scientific research, clinician George Cooper shows you how to ignore the fads and eat right for yourself. He explains exactly how your digestive system works (and why you need to know), and offers easily-adaptable recipes plus useful tips to get you to rethink your relationship with food.
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most digestible foods in a meal prioritised over the least digestible. Thus, meals would start with fruit dishes followed by a wide range of cooked vegetables, herbs, soups, broths and light
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recent research that suggests that eating salt, sugar and cheap fat triggers the same addictive neurological pathways as heroin consumption and with

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