Jason Hill


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A poignant memoir of a black man you don't meet everyday, emerging author JASON HILL has raised the standard of the non-fiction narrative. A introverted kid growing up in Chicago, Hill recounts in a voice you'll never forget how he overcame everything from family dysfunction, bullying, incarceration and homelessness to forge his own unmistakable path in which you'll also recognize yourself. Vulnerable, well written, funny, and inspiring! Through it all, Jason Hill is brutally honest about his own flaws and shortcomings, holding nothing back.

MOVING PARTS: A Memoir is written from a remarkably candid and vulnerable perspective, sharing stories from childhood through adulthood of what it's like surviving having an emotionally abusive brother, what's it's like to find yourself lost and without purpose, only to rise from defeat and become the champion you always knew you could be. This the autobiography of one of the most remarkable writers--and men--you will ever come across on a printed page.
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