James Baldwin

The Individual and Society; or Psychology and Sociology

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James Mark Baldwin was an American philosopher and psychologist who was educated at Princeton under the supervision of Scottish philosopher James McCosh and who was one of the founders of the Department of Psychology at the university. He made important contributions to early psychology, psychiatry, and to the theory of evolution.
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    Menna Abu Zahraciteerde uit9 maanden geleden
    The individual loses his initiative, his talents are unemployed, he is reduced to the average, and society itself loses its best results.
    Menna Abu Zahraciteerde uit9 maanden geleden
    But besides this, certain more questionable motives come forward. One of these is what I have called the desire for social place and station.
    Menna Abu Zahraciteerde uit9 maanden geleden
    How in nature the adults protect the young, the married male his mate, the faithful dog his master!

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