Boardroom Kings, Maya Banks, Emilie Rose, Catherine Mann
Maya Banks,Emilie Rose,Catherine Mann

Boardroom Kings

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Bossman’s Baby Scandal
Now millionaire Jason Reagert was securely ensconced at Maddox Communications, he couldn’t risk a whiff of scandal. So when he discovered he’d got heiress Lauren Presley pregnant, he proposed. Surely she’d agree to a lifetime of convenience, if only for the baby’s sake.
Executive’s Pregnancy Ultimatum
Flynn Maddox thought he was over his ex-wife, Renee, until he learned they were still married — and she was trying to have his baby. Now he would give her the baby she so desperately wanted, but not without some terms of his own…
Billionaire’s Contract Engagement
Billionaire businessman Evan Reese had wanted Celia Taylor for six months. And the opportunity had finally arrived — a deal where he would consider her offer, if she accompanied him to Catalina for a family wedding, posing as his fake fiancée!
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