A Horse Walks Into a Bar, David Grossman
David Grossman

A Horse Walks Into a Bar

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Ellen Shubich
Ellen Shubichdeelde een impressie2 jaar geleden

One of the most interesting books I have ever read. The writing, itself, is unique, the handling of the language, the irony, the plays on words, the way Grossman draws the reader in as we become
the audience.The story is heartbreaking, it's 'humanness' is almost
unnatural. So revealing and tragic but so real.


rosdelorbeciteerde uit2 jaar geleden
I thought about my rulings, which I honed and polished down to every last sentence, and in which I would occasionally—with moderation, of course, unassumingly—work in a juicy metaphor or a quote from a poem by Pessoa, or Cavafy, or Nathan Zach, or even my own poetic imagery.

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