The Pirate, Jón Gnarr
Jón Gnarr

The Pirate

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“A story that genuinely touches the reader.”—Frettabladid
“Enormously powerful and particularly heartfelt.”—Morgunbladid
The second book in a trilogy chronicling the troubled childhood of international sensation Jón Gnarr, The Pirate revisits his teenage years with sincere compassion and great humor: bullied relentlessly, Jón receives rebellious inner strength through the Sex Pistols and Prince Kropotkin—punk rock and anarchy offer the promise of a better and more exciting life.
Jón Gnarr, the most famous comedic actor in Iceland, founded the Best Party and served as mayor of Reykjavik 2010–2014. Rumors say he will run for President of Iceland in 2016.
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