Jillian Sterling

Billionaire Bait

17-year-old Savannah Rowan never thought she’d find herself in the arms of the handsome young billionaire Harrison Belmont…the two of them alone…trapped in an elevator during an earthquake, completely lost in the moment as adrenaline-fueled lust overcomes fear and they plunge into the biggest mistake of their lives. While concealing her real age, Savannah jumps into an illicit sexual affair with the billionaire businessman. With her birthday right around the corner, Harrison would never know the truth. She promises herself that it’s just a harmless summer fling, a way to piss off her father, and have some fun before she heads off to college at Stanford next fall. But Harrison is like no man she’s ever met before—brilliant, confident, self-made, and passionate. He’s also a possessive, complicated, pragmatic medical technology mogul with ruthless business sense and a hateful streak for his enemies. Luckily, he’s more interested in keeping her on his good side…in his bed…on his couch…in his Bentley.
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Camilla Dahl Lersøe
Camilla Dahl Lersøedeelde een impressievorig jaar
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Ohhhh Dear, was a realy good book 😍

Tania deelde een impressievorig jaar
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🌴Mooi tussendoortje

Meget sød.

Betina Juul Hansen
Betina Juul Hansendeelde een impressie2 jaar geleden
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Just read


vian23citeerde uit2 jaar geleden
Things are not love, but the trappings of love."

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