Cooking the Books, Kerry Greenwood
Kerry Greenwood

Cooking the Books

Corinna Chapman, talented baker and reluctant investigator, is trying to do nothing at all on her holiday. Her gorgeous Daniel is only intermittently at her side (he's tracking down a multi-thousand dollar corporate theft). Jason, her baking offsider, has gone off to learn how to surf. And Kylie and Goss are fulfilling their lives' ambition auditioning for a soapie. But quiet refl ection doesn't seem to suit Corinna. She's bored. So she accepts an offer from a caterer friend to bake for the film set of the soapie in which Kylie and Goss have parts. Soon complications that could only happen to Corinna ensue, involving cakes, sabotage, nursery rhymes, and a tiger named Tabitha.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a young woman is being unmercifully bullied by her corporate employers – who spend a lot of time cooking the books….
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Kerry Greenwood, Viktoriya Kravchenko
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