Arthur Clarke

Selected Works of Arthur C. Clarke

A collection of four unique science fiction novels by the innovative, award-winning author of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
This collection not only thrills and excites readers with Clarke’s passion for science fiction and speculative work, but his words ask readers big questions about what it means to be human, and humanity’s relationship with nature and technology.
The Deep Range: A hundred years into the future, humanity lives mostly on the oceans, tending vast whale herds and plankton farms. Walter Franklin works on a submarine patrol, and his adventures under the sea are told in this riveting tale, set against the backdrop of a world both futuristic and familiar.
The Trigger: A team of scientists develops the ultimate passive weapon, a device that detonates all nitrate-based bombs. But even protective weaponry comes with moral dilemmas, and the device’s inventor struggles to keep the weapon from those with violent intentions.
The Ghost from the Grand Banks: An astonishing discovery is made when the two halves of the Titanic are raised from the seabed, six perfectly preserved bodies, including a beautiful woman who was not listed among the ship’s original passengers. The mission to discover her secret becomes obsessive, and dangerous.
Richter 10: A violent earthquake killed Lewis Crane’s parents when he was just a child. Now grown up, he has devoted his life to protecting humankind from earthquakes. A renowned scientist, Crane has developed technology to fuse the Earth’s tectonic plates to stop earthquakes forever, but what repercussions will this have on the planet?
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