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The Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet

Eliminate Fad Diets and Embrace the Sustainable Clean Eating Lifestyle

Clean Eating is a positive lifestyle change that works. The Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet will change the relationship you have with food. Unlike a standard diet that you follow to reach a short-term goal, Clean Eating is a common sense strategy to achieve permanent and lasting good health, without depriving yourself of flavorful food, or feeling guilty after every meal. With a Clean Eating plan, you will understand which foods will be the best fuel your own body, and learn how the right kinds of food will allow you to feel more energetic than ever before.

The Clean Eating plan does not require you to eliminate whole food groups or starve yourself. Clean Eating is about a lifetime of enjoying natural, unprocessed foods that taste good and nourish you, paving the way to a stronger, fitter body and mind.

The Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet offers a sustainable path to a clean diet, with:

* 105 delicious and easy Clean Eating recipes for every meal

* The essential dos and don'ts of the Clean Eating plan

* Tips on stocking your kitchen, clean cooking, and transitioning to a Clean Eating diet

* A 14-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan and shopping list

* Clean Eating food lists, with a season-by-season outline of what to eat and when, what foods to avoid, and “super foods” to embrace

The Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet provides the essential tools to help you start Clean Eating, and achieve weight loss and sustain a more healthful lifestyle.
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Clean Eating plan is based on good portion sizing rather than calorie-counting, giving you an effective way to control the amount of food you eat.
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This is a lifestyle choice, not a diet, and for the best results you need to tailor it to your situation and body

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