Nightblind, Ragnar Jónasson
Ragnar Jónasson


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When a police officer is murdered in the dead of night, in the isolated Icelandic town of Siglufjordur, Ari Thór Arason faces a complex investigation that takes him back to the past, and some sinister secrets…

‘A modern take on an Agatha Christie-style mystery’ Ian Rankin
‘Ragnar Jónasson write with such a chilling, poetic beauty — a must-read addition to the growing canon of Iceland Noir’ Peter James
an idyllically quiet fishing village on the northernmost tip of Iceland, accessible only via a small mountain tunnel.
Ari Thór Arason: a local policeman, whose tumultuous past and uneasy relationships with the villagers continue to haunt him.
The peace of this close-knit community is shattered by the murder of a policeman — shot at point-blank range in the dead of night in a deserted house. With a killer on the loose and the dark arctic winter closing in, it falls to Ari Thór to piece together a puzzle that involves tangled local politics, a compromised new mayor, and a psychiatric ward in Reykjavik, where someone is being held against their will.
Then a mysterious young woman moves to the area, on the run from something she dare not reveal, and it becomes all too clear that tragic events from the past are weaving a sinister spell that may threaten them all.
Dark, chilling and complex, Nightblind is an extraordinary thriller from an undeniable new talent.
’Traditional and beautifully finessed’ Independent
‘Bitingly contemporary in setting and tone’ Sunday Express
'This is an atmospheric portrayal of a claustrophobic place where everyone is connected’ Laura Wilson, Guardian
‘Jónasson plants clues fairly before a devastatingly unexpected reveal, without sublimating characterization to plot’ Publishers Weekly
‘A tiny, segregated town is a superb setting for a crime novel, and Jónasson exploits it well. He builds a layered mystery featuring a series of unhealthy secrets, and past crimes buried deep in the sheltered, almost claustrophobic recesses of family life’ Crime Thriller Journal
‘An old-fashioned murder mystery with a strong central character and the fascinating background of a small Icelandic town. Ragnar does claustrophobia beautifully’ Anne Cleeves
‘Ragnar has Nordic Noir down pat — a remote small-town mystery that is sure to please crime fiction aficionados’ Yrsa Sigurðardóttir
‘A challenging investigation that uncovers local secrets and Scandi-noir meets oldfashioned murder mystery in an atmospheric whodunnit’ Charlotte Heathcote
‘If you like your thrillers dark and literary with an interesting setting, I would certainly recommend giving this one a go’ Jane Isaac
‘This is a story that will stay with you long after you’ve put the book down’ Max Easterman, European Literature Network
‘The ending is a satisfying surprise. But what really makes Nightblind stand out is its vivid cast of characters, whose fears, ambitions, rivalries and longings are movingly universal’ Dawn Raffel, Oprah
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