Beautiful Child, Torey Hayden
Torey Hayden

Beautiful Child

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Yuliia Vauchok
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The book left me disillusioned about the US law and order, social services and overall security. I guess I was shocked to learn about such child abuse problems, racism-blaming, and poverty issues in the US. The book, to be honest, also left me with an open question as to what makes the author-special education teacher at the time to go such an extra mile with so challenged children. What is her motivation? As, obviously, she does not take as much interest in less challenged children. The book also tells very little about the teacher herself. Does she have a family? I kind of miss that information, as she is also a key actor of the story. Her conflict with her aid and associated reflections were very interesting. In fact, she helped me better understand why a child needs rules, as a structure. The writer is an extremely professional and dedicated therapist, in my opinion. If you are into the subject, i recommend reading the book.

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