Manshare, Maxine Paetro
Maxine Paetro


Hanna Coleman is the fashion editor at trendy Urban Life magazine. No longer content with chronicling the rise and fall of hemlines, she devises a plan to get her name off the fashion page and onto the cover. Hanna proposes an article on ‘mansharing’—her answer to the shortage of eligible men in Manhattan. David Stein, her sexy boss, agrees to the idea on one condition: that she write the story from her own experience.So Hanna, happily attached to a wonderful man for the first time in her life, must share him with another woman—and 4 million readers.Realizing that the only woman she can trust with this experiment is her closest friend, Mahelly, she ignores an obvious complication: recently out of a frustrating 14-year marriage, Mahelly is too ready for sex and too vulnerable to handle it without commitment.Set in the worlds of advertising, publishing and the New York dating-go-round, Manshare is a highly entertaining novel about people traveling so fast they almost miss their human connections.
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