How not to be a pawn in their game

Develop the qualities of a chess master: strategy, logic, analysis.
In this on-demand digital age, where everything is distracting and transient, how do you keep focused on the important things? In this book you’ll learn how to take control of your own life and improve your concentration.
Chess Grandmaster, Neil McDonald, intricately analyses 30 of the greatest chess games ever played, to illustrate player tactics and winning strategies. This includes every chessboard move made in each of these well-documented cerebral challenges.
Every day we’re faced with an overwhelming array of choices. Sarah Lane’s collection of funny, witty, and useful stories aims to teach us how to make the right choice in every situation: whether that involves deciding between a burger and a salad, or choosing the right path to follow in life.
Choices, Sarah Lane
Sarah Lane
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What is Denialism? Who are its followers? Why do they speak out against vaccinations, yet praise alternative medicine? Why don’t they believe in global warming and but believe in creationism? This book charts the history of Denialism and its supporters; doing so without passing judgement. While it doesn’t claim to offer solutions or give answers, it does provides a fresh perspective on public ignorance and skepticism.
This short book is no self-help guide: it’s a complex study on metacognition — thinking about how we think. To unmask the major problems in our thinking process, in this book Rolf Dobelli delves deep into the concepts of motivation and self control; breaking down the idea of success and exploring the importance of failure and hard work.
You’ll have heard of a couple of guys called Plato and Socrates... right? They had quite a bit of clout back in Ancient Greece. So did their friends. They had some pretty interesting things to say too. But what exactly were they talking about? It’s been a while since they were around, so some of the things they said can seem a little... outdated. This book gives some background and insight into some of the world’s best-known philosophical quotes; giving context and meaning.
This Book Will Make You Think, Alain Stephen
Raise a hand if you hate maths! If you’ve always struggled with sums, you’ll be glad to know it’s not your fault*. It’s probably the way you were taught in school. Think Like a Math Genius makes numbers easy and fun for everyone. Ready to channel your inner number cruncher?
Occultist and New Thought movement figurehead, William Walker Atkinson, was famed for his work on the process of thinking. Here he focuses on understanding strategic thinking; which he grounds in logic and explains using analogies. He also sets out a series of rules, aimed at immersing readers in a new way of thinking.
One of the world’s greatest chess players, Garry Kasparov, tells his own success stories — revisiting his victories and losses. He writes about the mistakes he’s made during his career and reflects on how chess strategy helped him become a politician committed to democratic reform in post-Soviet Russia.
In Russian chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov’s book series, My Great Predecessors, the world-renowned tactician analyses what he’s learnt from his countless victories. But not every victory teaches you a good lesson — which is why Tibor Karolyi and Nick Aplin decided to document Kasparov’s greatest losses.
Psychologist Daniel Goleman, known for his work on emotional intelligence, analyses how we concentrate on certain things. He posits the argument that inattention and multi-tasking break our productivity, considers how to improve our behaviour in difficult situations, and offers ways to fight distracting forces.
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