Toby Litt

A Writer's Diary

'I blame Literature. All those f*cking lovely writers who made me want to be a writer. Toby Literature.'

A Writer's Diary is a year in the life of a man called Toby Litt. Day by day, Toby offers intimate details about his family and well-being, insights into creative writing, and other fascinating reflections, ranging from the immediate surroundings of his desk and study out into the world and on to infinite possibility.

As the year unfolds an increasingly urgent narrative starts to build. A Writer's Diary becomes a compulsive page-turner, full of stories and characters we have grown to love — and full
of questions we need answered. W ill Toby Litt find the perfect pencil sharpener? Will everyone he loves make it through the year? And will he be the same person at the end of it?

Blending fact and fiction, invention and memoir with joyful creativity and remarkable ambition, A Writer's Diary is a year in a life and a life in a year.
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